Martin S. Dworkin His Life And Work
Overview of Dworkin's Works

Throughout his life Dworkin worked firstly and principally as a free-lance writer, photographer and editor. Of some 750-plus publications in 14-or-so countries, including translations in several languages, about 275 were poems and stories, the rest articles in a great variety of subjects, with a certain concentration in film, arts, and cultural criticism in general.

Books included Body Building, a juvenile for self-instruction in physical training, text and photographs. (New York: The Ridge Press/Scholastic Book Services, 1953); and Dewey on Education: Selections with an Introduction and Notes. Classics on Education No. 3. (New York: Teachers College Press, Columbia University, 1959).

Editorial work on books--apart from considerable experience on magazines--includes Consultant Editor for drama, cinema, radio, and television for the Grolier Society International Encyclopedia, and General Editor of Studies in Culture and Communication (Teachers College Press, Columbia University), and of the series, The Literature of Cinema, 64 volumes et seq. (Arno Press/THE NEW YORK TIMES).

Work in photography (general professional, commercial, industrial, and publications) includes many hundreds of photographs presented in magazines, newspapers, books, and other printed media, in the U.S. and more than a dozen countries abroad; also dozens of articles on photography and cinematography, with photo illustrations, in periodicals here and in other countries. Exhibitions include: Photography at Mid-Century, George Eastman House Tenth Anniversary invitational; Photo Maxima I (1957); Professors of Photography: A National Exhibition, Society for Photographic Education (1966); One-man Show, Readers and Reading, at the International Book Fair, Frankfurt-am-Main (German Federal Republic), under auspices of The American Book Publishers Council (1966); Group Show, SPEctrum, Society for Photographic Education, New York Region (1973); The International Self-portrait Invitational, Art Department, Arizona State University (1978) - plus others.

Selected writings include: "Felix Kaufmann: A Memorial, 'Last Conference'." 12th Street: A Quarterly, 111/2(1950), 13-14. "Disagreement: The Situation of Reason." The Scientific Monthly, LXXV/2(1952), 117-19. "Charlie and the Hive." The Progressive, 17/2(February, 1953), 34-5. "Realism Revisited." The Progressive, 18/10(October, 1954), 34-5. "The Money and the Message." The Progressive, 19/2(February, 1955), 34-5. "The Clowning of Danny Kaye." The Progressive, 20/3(March, 1956), 26-7. "The Suburbs of Criticism." The Progressive, 20/6(June, 1956), 29-30. "'The Desperate Hours'and the Violent Screen." Queens Quarterly, LXIII/3(1956). "In a Park of the Old French Royalty: August 1944." (short story) Perspective, 9/3(1957), 117-20. "The Vanishing Diary of Anne Frank." Quadrant, IV/1(Summer, 1959-60), 75-81. "Clean Germans and Dirty Politics." Quest, No. 32(Jan./Mar., 1962), 55-60. "Modes of Greek Skepticism: Number Ten." (poem) Catholic World, 202(February, 1966), 297. "Fiction and Teaching." General Editor's foreword to Jeffersonianism and the American Novel, by Howard Mumford Jones (New York: Teachers College Press, Studies in Culture and Communication, 1966), V11-X. "Evening Games." (poem) Trace, 61(Summer, 1966), 179. "Aesthetics and Education." General Editor's foreword to Modern Aesthetics: An Historical Introduction, by the Earl of Listowel (New York: Teachers College Press, Studies in Culture and Communication, 1967), 1X-XV11. "National Images and International Culture." General Editor's foreword to The Rise of the American Film, by Lewis Jacobs (New York: Teachers College Press, Studies in Culture and Communication, 1968), V11-XV111. "Toward an Image Curriculum: Some Questions and Cautions." The Journal of Aesthetic Education, 4/2(1970), 129-32. "Whose Oscar?." Catholic World, 212(October, 1970), 40-2. "Praeceptor Hispaniae." General Editor's foreword to Man and His Circumstances: Ortega as Educator, by Robert McClintock (New York: Teachers College Press, Studies in Culture and Communication, 1971), V11-X11. "Confrontation." (poem) Catholic World, 212/1,276(1971), 168. "Sarah at the Sea." (poem) Catholic World, 214(November, 1971), 76. "Cassettes: Loaded Cartridges." The Educational Forum, (May, 1972), 523-7. "Journey." (poem) The Antigonish Review, Number 10(Summer, 1972), 76. "Lovers." (poem) The Fiddlehead, 99(Fall, 1973), 79. "Rust." (poem) The Fiddlehead, 99(Fall, 1973), 78. "My Father, 24 October 1955." (poem) Contemporary Review, 224(February, 1974), 77. "The Writing on the Screen." General Editor's foreword to Graham Greene: The Films of His Fiction, by Gene D. Phillips, S.J. (New York: Teachers College Press, Studies in Culture and Communication, 1974), V11-XV111. "The Monument." (scenario) Tabloid Story, (supplement to The Melbourne Times) No. 20(January 21, 1976), 4. "Letter on Bertrand Russell." sent to Commentary and published some late in 1976. "'Stay Illusion!' Having Words about Shakespeare on Screen." The Journal of Aesthetic Education, 1/1(1977), 51-61. "Criticism and Ideology: A Note on Cinema." General Editor's foreword to The Compound Cinema: The Film Writings of Harry Alan Potamkin, selected, arranged and introduced by Lewis Jacobs (New York: Teachers College Press, Studies in Culture and Communication, 1977), X111-XX1. "Green Music." (poem) Poetry Ireland Review, Number 30(1990), 48.


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A Memoir of Martin S. Dworkin: His Life and Work

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